"WBL Experience Sharing" Thessaloniki Training - 12-14 June

The "Implementation with a Flexible Apprenticeship Model of Work-Based Learning and International Experience Exchange Training" event, part of the Erasmus+MONGWBL project funded by the European Union, took place from June 12 to 14, 2023. This training initiative was meticulously organized by the University of Macedonia in Greece, a distinguished member of the European Union. The event garnered participation from over 50 individuals representing various organizations, including the Ministry of Education and Science, Mongolian National Council for Education Accreditation, universities, the Mongolian Tourism Association, State Bank, Golomt Bank, University of Lyon in France, and Transylvania University in Romania.

Throughout the course, the focus was on the practical implementation of work-based learning, the insights gained from the Greek higher education sector, and the overarching significance of work-based learning. The training session proved to be highly effective, providing a platform for interaction with graduates who have successfully transitioned into full-time employment following their graduation.

Furthermore, the University of Macedonia's program implementing stakeholders shared their wealth of experiences in the execution of work-based learning initiatives. Educators conveyed their experiences in elucidating how work-based learning has positively impacted students and how they have seamlessly blended theoretical instruction with practical application. The discussions encompassed various aspects, including the criteria for evaluating students by participating employers, the scope of training programs to be integrated into workplace environments, and the cultivation of both hard and soft skills.

The discourse delved into the importance of students acquainting themselves with the nuances of their chosen professions and industries, assimilating the corporate culture, understanding organizational protocols, and dedicating a requisite amount of time to adapt after participating in training sessions and becoming familiar with the day-to-day operations of their respective organizations.