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It’s our pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the Consortium of the Erasmus+ program’s “Work-based Learning for Higher Education System in Mongolia towards Better Employability of University Graduates” (MONGWBL) project website.
The MONGWBL project will be executed by a Consortium of 4 European Higher Education Institutions (1 German, 1 French and 1 Romanian, 1 Greek Institutions) and 9 Mongolian Partners. We wish this website to become a platform that will enable us to share our plans, achievements, and challenges that we will meet in the framework of MONGWBL project. We hope it will also become a useful information source for higher education institutions providing work-based learning.

Project coordination team

Wider objective

The project aims to develop and implement national strategy, appropriate legal framework on work-based learning (WBL) and generic, flexible apprenticeship model for Mongolian higher education (HE) system towards enhancing partnerships between educational institutions and enterprises for better employability of the university graduates in Mongolia.

Specific objectives

Based on the Mongolian national context and the results of the need analysis, the following specific objectives are defined

  • Benchmark analysis on main policy options of WBL, schemes, and tools of apprenticeship in higher education (HE) in Europe for the transference into the Mongolian HE.
  • Capacity building of staff from Mongolian HEIs, MECSS, the involved 2 Banks and Mongolian Tourism Association on policies, schemes and approaches of apprenticeship.
  • Development of National Strategy for development of WBL in Mongolia for 2024-2029 (NSD-WBLM) inspired by the European best practices.
  • Development of Flexible Apprenticeship Model (FAM) including practical implementation tools: one-year Undergraduate Apprenticeship based Programme in Banking & insurance (UAPBI) and Undergraduate Apprenticeship based Programme in Tourism (UAPT) inspired by European experiences.
  • Development of a legal framework for amendments of national legislation in Mongolia needed for implementation of FAM.
  • Development of university-enterprise partnership innovative schemes through the pilot implementation of the FAM.
  • Promotion of network for long-term cooperation between HEIs from Mongolia and program countries.

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