Europe Day 2023

Europe Day 2023 was a vibrant celebration with the participation of European Union member states, European Union-funded projects, cultural institutes, and private sector organizations. Otgontenger University took part in the event, successfully presenting two projects funded by the European Union to the public. In particular, information about the "MONGWBL" project and its deliverables so far were disseminated, highlighting its importance to over 300 citizens.

Also, during the day, Jean Monnet module "European Union" textbook was launched.

The Ambassador of the European Union, Axelle Nicaise, graced the occasion with her presence and delivered a speech. In her address, she expressed the European Union's commitment to supporting Mongolia and its pride in being the country's third neighbor. She also offered to provide a lecture and introduction to the European Union for the university's students. The Ambassador concluded by congratulating the project consortium on its hard work.