Experience sharing event in OTU

Otgontenger University has taken a significant step in enhancing the learning experience of its students by implementing the Work-Based Learning Program in its banking-insurance and tourism programs. This program is part of the European Union's Erasmus+MONGWBL project, which aims to provide students with practical experience in their fields of study.

To ensure that the program's benefits are maximized, a meeting and training session was organized on May 9, 2023 for teachers and students from the banking and tourism programs. During this session, participants shared their experiences and knowledge gained from the pilot of the FAM of UAPBI and UAPT with other program heads, professors, and students. This exchange of ideas and insights will help to improve the program's overall effectiveness and enrich the learning experience for all students.

OTU is also committed to continuously enhancing its educational offerings by planning to introduce Work-based learning - FAM to all its programs from the following year. This will enable students across all programs to gain hands-on experience in their chosen fields, preparing them for successful careers and contributing to the growth of the industries they will be working in.

Overall, OTU's efforts to implement Work-Based Learning programs demonstrate a commitment to providing students with a holistic education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. This will help to develop well-rounded professionals who are equipped to succeed in their chosen fields.