Experience sharing event ERASMUS+

The team of MONGWBL project, Otgontenger University has jointly organized a discussion with the Mongolian national council for education accreditation to share their valuable experience on the projects implemented with the funding of the European Union, especially in the framework of project to strengthen the capacity of higher education. It's exciting to see these collaborative efforts and knowledge-sharing initiatives to improve the quality of education in Mongolia.

In the framework of this discussion, the MONGWBL project team members, Dr.  Khosbayar N., Head of International Relations Department, "Introduction to the Erasmus project", "Experience in writing a capacity building projects", and Dr. Buyanjargal A., Head of the Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation Department, "Experience of implementing the MONGWBL project and introducing workplace-based training" shared their experiences as well as disseminated the project result to the public.

The discussion was attended by the directors and experts of the Mongolian national council for education accreditation, academic and administrative staffs of more than 20 universities.