Training for the project "Introducing Work-Based Learning and Increasing the Employment of Graduates" in the higher education system of Mongolia under the theme "Discussion on the Pilot Implementation of Work-Based Learning in Mongolia" in Germany during March 27-29 was successfully organized.

A total of 50 participants of the MONGWBL project from Mongolia and six from France, Greece and Romania attended the training, as well as Prof. Arayik Novayan, an external expert for the project, also participated in the project to monitor and evaluate the process.

President of the Berlin School of Economics and Law Prof. Dr. Andreas Zaby made an opening speech, as he warmly welcomed the participants and thanked the organizers of the project and all the participants from France, Greece, Romania and Mongolia, while giving a brief introduction about his school. He mentioned that there are about 2,500 students at the Berlin School of Economics and Law in work-based learning projects and emphasized that students who complete this program become valuable professionals in the future.

The Consul of Mongolia in Berlin Mr.Monkhtor D. attended the opening of the training and highlighted, "The importance of this event can be seen from the number of participants and the organization's representation. Mongolia sees the European Union as a third partner, and this partnership is expanding in the field of education and research”.

Mrs.Zolbayar J., the vice-director of OTU, the global coordinator of the MONGWBL project, while addressing the participants and guests, presented the mid-term results of the project, mentioned the progress of deliverables and success of the students who are currently involved in the pilot implementation of the FAM in banks and tourism agencies, and she noted that the discussion of the issue of WBL at the national forum "Positive Mongolia", which was organized under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Mongolia, has become a work of special importance in disseminating the significance and results of the project to the public.

At the end of the training, the project steering committee members convened to discuss and approve the project's final year plan, budget and additional work plan, and at last all participants were awarded certificates of successful participation.

All the participants expressed gratitude for the organizing team of the host university, special thanks to Prof. Oesten Baller, Prof. Erwin Seyfried, Prof.Drole Linz and Mrs. Benita Rothe. 

We had a very fruitful three day workshop at the Berlin School of Economics and Law and the Berlin workshop will have taken place between March 27 and 29, in Berlin, Germany.