External Expert Monitoring Visit in Ulaanbaatar

External expert of the project Dr. Arayik Navoyan arrived in Ulaanbaatar and worked between October 25 and 29 for mid-level monitoring of the project. The external expert worked closely with the Coordinator Otgontenger university and visited to all full partners at the Ulaanbaatar to monitor the project implementation, finance, use of equipment, and dissemination activities and give recommendations.

While working in UB, he met with the Ambassador of the European Union to Mongolia and gave information about the successful progress and results of the MONGWBL project, as well as exchanged ideas about reforms and changes in Mongolia's higher education. At the end of the monitoring visit in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia he expressed his thankfulness to Head of Executive Body, Director Enkhzaya N. of the Otgontenger University (OTU), OTU staff and all members of Mongolian partners teams for their presence and active contribution to the discussions during monitoring visit.