The MONGWBL project team hosted the “ERASMUS DAYS 2022” event

The MONGWBL project team hosted the “Erasmus days 2022” event on October 14 at Otgontenger university. The main goal of this event was to raise the awareness of European Union’s effects on Education in Mongolia. 

- To present an overview of the Erasmus+ future perspectives 

- To provide information about Educational projects in Mongolia

The event is organized in two parts. The first part of the event was attended by Dr. Ariyak Navoyan, president of the Armenian Education Policy Management Center, and Dr. Nick Marinescu, Erasmus coordinator of UNITBv in Romania, who shared their Erasmus project’s good experiences.

In the next part, representatives of the Accreditation Council of Mongolia and HEIs discussed their Erasmus project’s goals, objectives, results, challenges, difficulties, and future collaboration.