Lyon Training - WBL Policy Document and Flexible Apprenticeship Model

A three-day workshop is held on May 9-11 at Lyon Lumier 2 University in Lyon, France. It is aimed to introduce WBL policy document and flexible standards under the Erasmus + MONGWBL project, as well advance recommendations from partner universities in Europe.

In the regular training workshop, representatives are attended from the Berlin School of Economics and Law in Germany, the University of Macedonia in Greece, the University of Transylvania in Romania, the University of Lyon in France and total of 70 project team participants including Ministry of Education and Science, Otgontenger university, University of Finance and Economy, Mongolian National University Of Arts And Culture, Mongolian University of Life Sciences, Dornod University, Golomt Bank, State Bank and the Mongolian Tourism Association.

In the opening speech, Mr. Jim Walker, Vice-Chancellor of Lumire Lyon 2 University, announced that “Lumire Lyon university is one of the first universities for WBL. Therefore, we are greatly pleased to share our experience with you”.

The project global coordinator, Zolbayar J., Executive Vice-President of OTU, addressed the participants and presented the carried out activities within the project.

Afterwards, the project participants visited to the KEOLIS, public transport service organization and RENAULT TRUCKS, vehicle manufacture and went through work place internships.

In the first half of the second day of the workshop, a project team board meeting is held and agreed detailed plans for the coming months. This is followed by a presentation of the Work-Based Learning Policy Document and a Flexible Apprenticeship Model developed by the National Project Team. During the presentation, EU partners shared their experiences and made suggestions for improving policy documents and Flexible Apprenticeship Model. In the afternoon workshop, official representatives of the Bank of Lyon, France are attended and shared their experiences and answered questions from the participants. The Lyon Bank program aims to train professionals who are expected by banking employers.

On the third day of the workshop, all project participants are divided into the WBL Policy Document Improvement and Reference Program Teams and recommendations are advanced. Within the framework of the recommendations, it is agreed that basic structure of the policy documents shall include rationale, current situation, implementation, quality assurance and financing chapters. It also stressed the importance of effective and proactive collaboration between employers (business entities) and universities in the successful implementation of WBL. The workshop also highlighted stakeholder engagement needs between the university and the host companies of WBL should be further clarified.