National Consultative Discussion at the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia

The ERASMUS + MONGWBL project aims to introduce Work-Based Learning to the Mongolian higher education system and increase the employment of graduates. The national consultative discussion was successfully organized at the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia.

The discussion was attended by Mrs. Oyunaa P., Head of the Integrated Education Policy and Planning Department of the Ministry of Education and Science, Mr.Marco Ferri, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Mongolia, and Mrs.Enkhzaya N., Rector of Otgontenger University. The project is unique in that it draws on the experiences of universities in Germany, France, Romania, and Greece, as well as introducing Work-Based Learning to Mongolia, and works with employers to provide graduates with practical career skills.

The discussion focused on the Work-Based Learning policy documents and  Development of Flexible Apprenticeship Tool for Mongolia, and involved a total of 120 stakeholders, including professors and employers.