ERASMUS+MONGWBL "WBL Financing and Quality Assurance" 2nd Capacity Building Training

The second online capacity building training for teachers, researchers and specialists was successfully organized on “Work-based learning Financing” and “Work-based learning Quality Assurance” on 26 – 27 January 2022, in the framework of the Erasmus+MONGWBL “Work-based learning for higher education system in Mongolia towards better employability of university graduates” project.

Representatives of universities and employers shared their experiences on how to provide work-based learning financing, funding and quality assurance in some European countries, such as Germany, France, Romania and Greece.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, Otgontenger University, University of Life Sciences, University of Finance and Economics, Dornod University, Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture, Golomt Bank and State Bank, Mongolian Tourism Association participated and exchanged views on how to ensure the policy, regulation, funding and quality assurance of the work-based learning in Mongolia.

Dr.Enkhzaya N., Rector of the Otgontenger University emphasized “The MONGWBL project, implemented as part of the Erasmus + Higher Education Capacity Building (CBHE) project, aims to introduce university-enterprises cooperation policies, the legal environment, and work-based learning into the higher education system in order to improve the employment of graduates through work-based learning. The focus on creating mechanisms and tools is a matter of urgency and expressed confidence that the results of the two-day training will be successful”.

Zolbayar J., Vice-President of Otgontenger University and Global Coordinator of the Project, highlighted "Despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we thank all parties for making progress in meeting the MONGWBL project within the timeframe set out in the work plan. Here is a brief overview of some of the work done over the past year: WBL Fact Finding Analysis, Training package, and Glossary of terms”. She also mentioned that the coordinating university has announced a public tender for the purchase of equipment for Mongolian universities, and the equipment was supplied by the selected organization and started to use in the training activities. Within the framework of the project, the first monitoring online visit is being carried out and the recommendations are being implemented.

The first day of the training “Work-Based Learning Financing” workshop was led by Prof.Dr.Simona Lache, Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Quality Evaluation, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania and the second day of the training “Work-Based Learning Quality Assurance” workshop was led by Prof.Dr.Dimitrios Kyrkilis, Vice Rector for Administrative Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Student Welfare, University of Macedonia, Greece.

The training involved representatives of Greek and Romanian employers. They shared their experiences and opinions from employers and enterprises perspective.